Software Development


Our Team can help with a custom designed database solution that is tailored specifically to your business. Our experienced team is fully qualified in designing & implementing custom databases that are robust, efficient, & secure. The low advertised cost of off-the-shelf database software can be very misleading. What many people don’t realize is that in the long term, the time & cost you’ll spend customizing off-the-shelf database software. The long-term benefits of a custom database solution such as flexibility for growth, customized reporting, & optional integration with other software or websites will more than justify the up-front costs. Once your business is up & running with a custom database solution, the costs to enhance or exp& the software is minimal. Further, there are typically no monthly or annual licensing costs like that of off-the-shelf database software.



Database Sites/ Web applications development
lucrative Solution has a solid experience in development of custom solutions .We has focused in this space since inception. Our product development model delivers high quality, reliable & cost-effective Software Product Lifecycle services to Software Vendors globally.lucrative Solution pool of certified professionals works with clients to underst& their specific needs & helps them develop products from grounds-up. The services include We also provide you Application re-engineering & re-factoring services on client dem. Taking a product from concept to reality is a complex & arduous process. Software Solutions assists you in this respect by offering customized product design services that best fit your business requirements. Our experience & expertise in this industry brings you number of advantages. Our value propositions include: The experience & knowledge gained from products developed for our previous clients help you deliver world-class products. Our ability to underst& the clear goals of the product from both the business & technology perspective is unique. This ensures a low-risk, high-quality, cost-effective partnership. We believe that a people play a key role in order to develop a new product. Therefore We assign teams of experienced technical professionals who support you through the entire product implementation process & later during the product maintenance too.



Software Front-End Development

lucrative Solution has a solid experience in development of custom solutions. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs, industry and product requirements, we deliver scalable and robust solutions. We are offering following Front End Development facilities.
Our team of developers will help you get your software project off the ground.
We specialize in tackling complex, time-sensitive projects and software products that are the first of their kind. Our development techniques and project management best practices ensure that you receive a high-quality software product on time with no surprises.


Application Re-Engineering

he essence of application re-engineering is to improve or transform existing Web application so that it can be understand, controlled, and used as new. The need for application re-engineering has increased greatly, as heritage application have become obsolescent in terms of their architecture, the platforms on which they run, and their suitability and stability to support evolution to support changing needs. Application re-engineering is important for recovering and reusing existing software assets, putting high application maintenance costs under control, and establishing a base for future software evolution.



E-Business Solution

Whether you are selling services, e-goods, retail products, or raising funds for your cause, establishing a secure solution for online sales will expands your market reach.Several things have to happen before a transaction can occur between you and your visitor. He or she must be able to send you credit card information securelyWe can create the shopping cart if you need it, for a small number of products or for a very large catalog.


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